Star Island Homes

Star Island Homes

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Within the deep blue waters of the Biscayne Bay in Florida’s Miami Beach lies an oval-shaped island called Star Island that easily shines with the stellar brilliance of genuine luxury.

Located south of the Venetian Islands and east of Palm Island and Hibiscus Island, such distinguished luxury homes can be found in limited numbers to accommodate to nothing less than the most deserving individuals.

Star Island residents are often large in stature as many of them include some of the biggest names in the world today from award-winning music legends to international sports icons to entertainment personalities and so much more!

Being able to live in an upscale community that is considered to be one of the finest locations for luxury real estate is always a dream come true on Star Island.

The luxury community is accessible to the mainland by the MacArthur Causeway and by private boats which residents of Star Island usually have tucked away within the comfort of their own waterfront luxury homes which are magnanimous in size to provide people with ample space in which they can utilize to their best interests.

Designed to meet even the most meticulous standards, Star Island homes are exquisite in every possible way. With captivating views of the surrounding areas, there is no wonder why people of such refined taste as easily attracted to the incredible beauty of Star Island homes for sale which you can view within our listings.

Furthermore, the extreme sense of privacy is a feature that allows for the highest degree of exclusivity which is considered to be a necessity in the quest to acquire the truest form of luxury living.

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